Summer Girl Updates

Hi Folks, 

Boating season is getting close and I can almost smell the sun tan lotion.  Speaking of Summer, your favorite Summer Girl is getting a new starboard engine.  The parts are arriving and new motor should be install by end of April.  She’ll have two brand new motors!  The port side was replace in 2022. 

The cause of the engine failure was the raw water intake got clogged and therefore the motor over heated.  So we are going to add maintenance procedures to inspect raw water intake after each charter. 

Another upgrade will be adding NMEA Tank level sensors.  So no more guessing how much portable waste water is available.  Or how full the waste tank is.  This makes it nice and easy especially for longer trips.

Also she’ll have a new dingy.  Some say dingy’s are like rainbows, they don’t last for ever.  

Looking forward to a great year on the water.  



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