Disembark & Disclosure Form

    Allow for one or two hours back at home port to button up and disembark the ship. Follow these steps and sign below.

    - Fenders out on both sides of boat
    - Refueled
    - Pump out holding tank (For multi-day trips only)
    - Refill water tank. (For multi-day trips only)
    - Bow, and stern dock lines tied
    - Fore and Aft Spring lines tied
    - Wipe down surfaces
    - Wash all dishes and return them to their storage.
    - Clean head, and washdown the lavatory
    - Wash deck with soap, brush and rinse off
    - Take trash off boat to garbage bin
    - Take all personal belongings
    - Put soft covers back on
    - Remove bed sheets and pile on beds (For multi-day trips only)
    - Connect Shore power
    - Power off all electronics, Helm systems, AV
    - Plug in Heater, (round portable unit)
    Electrical panel:
    Power Source: Shore Power
    Accessories ON
    Refrigeration ON
    Receptacle ON
    Battery Charger ON

    List any issue/incidents that may have occurred, or needs attention:

    I (captain/skipper) certify that all issues and incidents have been disclosed, and the boat has been stored away per Disembarkment instructions: