Meet Cap’t Ayden

What do Elizabeth Taylor, Pirates, and Navy ROTC have in common? Captain Ayden Osmotherly

Ayden joined Days Off in the middle of 2023, and acquired his 100 ton Masters Captain license in the same year.  Ayden moved to the beautiful PNW 14 years ago and has been boating his whole life.  He loves the water, sharing it with others and helping people find their own passion for boating. Ayden will help get you checked out, and assist in any way. 

So let’s get to know a bit about the Captain:

Q: Okay, hold on, first, you own/owned Elizabeth Taylors boat?  What year, make and model was it, and how did you come into ownership of her?

A: Ya I did! It was a 42 foot 1968 Chris Craft Commander that I picked up from a guy in Home, Washington that inherited it from his dad who had it anchored out in Von Gildern Cove where his house was. It had twin 427 Ford Cobra jet engines that put out 600 horsepower allowing all 18000 pounds of timeless elegance to easily cruise at 30 miles per hour. It had a stamped placard behind the stairs that lead into the main salon that read “Elizabeth Taylor’s Property June 9, 1968” 

Q: And now it’s gone missing?!

A: Ya it’s currently missing haha. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any available moorage for her and after 7 months of being anchored out, waiting for a slip somewhere, she has gone missing without a trace. Was told that a police dive team would dive it to see if she sank but didn’t hear anything back. I really don’t believe it sank.

Q: So it could be that Pirates took your boat?

A: Honestly the chance of pirates stealing my boat I feel is higher than it sinking hahaha. Would be a pretty cool story if that’s what actually happened though.

Q: So if anyone see’s this boat (we’ll put picture), it’s Liz Taylors, err I mean Aydnes, and Pirates took it.  Contact us or Coast Guard

A: Haha yes please contact us or Coast Guard sector Puget Sound if you have any tips that could lead to me being reunited with my boat. 

Q: What draws you to boating?

A: I’ve always enjoyed being on the water. Something about it is just extremely peaceful for me. I grew up fishing with my grandpa so I’ve always had great times and memories being out on the water. 

Q: Why did you get a captain’s license, and the extra 100 Ton?

A: I’ve always had an ambition to make a career out of boating and or fishing. When I was younger I wanted to be a naval fighter pilot or an aircraft carrier captain. I did 3 years of JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) with the USNSCC (United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps) and graduated as a Petty Officer 1st Class. I ended up changing my mind on joining our armed forces and went the blue collar route. After 4 years of working jobs that really weren’t allowing me to grow much I decided that I needed to figure something out. A buddy of mine said he was taking a 6 pack course to get a license to take people out on his 50 foot yacht and get paid for it. I decided I’d take this course with him after researching it and what it’ll allow me to do. Was an awesome class and I ended up getting all the certs they offer and found out that my sea-time qualified me for the 100 ton so I took that as well. Scored 90% or better on everything. 

Q: What do you see yourself ultimately doing as a captain?  What’s that vision in your head?

A: I’d really like to get a dive instructor certification, move to the Cayman Islands and start a dive/charter company. 

Q: What is one of your favorite places for boating, on the Sound or anywhere?

A: There’s really a bunch to explore and all waterways have different things to offer but currently my favorite spot would be anywhere in Commencement Bay. Quartermaster Harbor is also a really good spot to anchor out, dingy in, and have a picnic on the beach.

Q: Ayden, thank you for your time, glad you can join our team, and let’s have a great year!

A: Hey thanks for having me! Thank you for bringing me on board! I have no doubts that this year will be totally epic! Looking forward to it! Captain Ayden out.