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We are a small locally owned and operated company that hopes to exceed your expectations.  Our ambition is to continue to grow the fleet while maintaining a high level of standards for our customrers.

We have been boating around the Pacific Northwest for the last 20 years, and we have roots in this community.  We love boating in the PNW because of the beautiful nature and variety of things to do.  

We think the keys to your happiness are that 1) you feel safe and are in good hands, 2) you got a good value, 2) and there are good offerings.  

At Days Off LLC we strive to make that happen.  Welcome aboard!

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    Rentals starting at as little as $350/day. We pride ourselves on keeping our boats in excellent condition so that you can have great Days Off. See our fleet of boats that are great for the Pacific Norhwest.


    From Seattle there are so many places to go, we could go on for days. When you charter a yacht with us here's what to expect in the magnificent Pacific Northwest.


    Learn all about if you are qualified, what the requirements are and the Checkout process for booking a boat.

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    At Days Off Yacht Charter, professionalism is key. Our team ensures a seamless yacht vacation. From planning to execution, we uphold high standards, guaranteeing a journey that reflects utmost professionalism and exceeds expectations



    Embark on a warm yachting adventure with our friendly team. From captains to support staff, we prioritize creating a positive and amiable environment. At Days Off Yacht Charter, freedom meets smiles, ensuring your journey is not just lavish but also welcoming.



    Choose Days Off Yacht Charter with confidence. Since 2022, we’ve built trust through transparent practices and exceeding expectations. Your trust is the foundation of our commitment to providing unforgettable yacht vacations.



    Yachting meets affordability at Days Off Yacht Charter. Our transparent pricing and flexible packages ensure a tailored yacht vacation without compromising quality. Experience excellence without breaking the bank.

    What People Saying

    Allan Cheadle
    Allan Cheadle
    Captain Billy is a very knowledgeable person of the yaht and the waters. He is very friendly towards all my guests. His first mate Aydon gave everyone a safety review and was extremely thorough and made everyone feel safe. He is very sociable to everyone too! During the trip was very enjoyable by Aydons conversation! I would highly recommend them to take your family and friends out on the water!
    Scotty Greenburg
    Scotty Greenburg
    Had an incredible time at SeaFair on the Summer Girl! Great communication, experienced captain, good times all around!
    Shoeb Ismail
    Shoeb Ismail
    An incredible outing with the family. Great staff and exceptional service. Beautiful place to share with friends and family on a very comfortable and seaworthy vessel.
    Doug Jakobsen
    Doug Jakobsen
    Amazing vessel! Summer Girl is perfect for a day trip on the Sound with friends or taking a multi day trip to the San Juans. Very smooth, well maintained, twin screws make getting from Point A to Point B quick and comfortable. Large sitting area and cabin. Billy & Jimmy were great! We took some check out trials to get familiar with her, and away we went! We will be booking again for longer trips!