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At Days Off Yacht Charter we redefine freedom on the open seas—turning moments into cherished memories with precision and passion

Our Story

Welcome aboard! We’re delighted that your search has brought you to Day Off LLC, your premier partner for unforgettable nautical adventures in the Pacific Northwest. Rooted in this vibrant community for over 20 years, our small, locally-owned company is deeply intertwined with the area’s rich maritime tradition. Boating is not just our business; it’s a passion we live and breathe, and we’re eager to share this passion with you.

At Day Off, we understand that your days off are precious. That’s why we’re dedicated to transforming them into extraordinary experiences filled with adventure, relaxation, and memorable moments.

Our Team

McHale's Navy (Staff)


Owner, Professor, Gilligan

I've been a member of many boat clubs but always wanted more time on the water with less restrictions. So I figured let's start our own club. I love sailing, and power boating. Jimmy drags me out fishing, but I'm more R&R type Boater. Except when racing. I've done a few Caribbean sailing regatta's, skippered 12ft to 52ft boats, and windsurfers.


Yacht Manager

Ayden joined Days Off in the middle of 2023, and is working on his 100-ton Masters Captain license. Ayden moved to the beautiful PNW 14 years ago and has been boating his whole life. He loves the water, sharing it with others and helping people find their own passion for boating. Ayden will help get you checked out, and assist in any way.


Boat Coach

Jimmy knows all there is to know about boats, boating and fishing in the PNW. He's the go to for "what's up with this". Jimmy helps straighten out everything, and everyone... and may rescue you as well.

Why Choose Us



At Days Off Yacht Charter, professionalism is key. Led by President and CEO Billy G, our team ensures a seamless yacht vacation. From planning to execution, we uphold high standards, guaranteeing a journey that reflects utmost professionalism and exceeds expectations



Embark on a warm yachting adventure with our friendly team. From captains to support staff, we prioritize creating a positive and amiable environment. At Days Off Yacht Charter, freedom meets smiles, ensuring your journey is not just lavish but also welcoming.



Choose Days Off Yacht Charter with confidence. As a service-disabled business since 2023, we’ve built trust through transparent practices and exceeding expectations. Your trust is the foundation of our commitment to providing unforgettable yacht vacations.



Freedom meets affordability at Days Off Yacht Charter. Our transparent pricing and flexible packages ensure a tailored yacht vacation without compromising quality. Experience excellence on the open seas without breaking the bank – because at Days Off Yacht Charter, affordability meets indulgence.

Our Promise

At Day Off LLC, we’re driven by a commitment to your satisfaction and joy. We pledge to provide:

  1. Safety and Confidence: Your well-being is our top priority.  We strive to make sure you understand the vessel and feel confident on the water. 
  2. Outstanding Value: We aim to deliver exceptional experiences that offer great value for your investment.
  3. Diverse Fleet: Our variety of boats are tailored to fit a range of preferences and needs, ensuring your perfect day off is within reach.
  4. Supportive Experience: From start to finish, our team is here to support you, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.