Rocky 2023, but Great Times

Our first Blog post!  Hurah!  It’s almost the New Year so I’m taking a moment to reflect on 2023.  

It was the first year of operation in the Seattle area.  Days Off moved down from Bellingham WA, which I wasn’t too thrilled about because I fell in love with Bellingham, the people I know, and I loved being so close to the San Juans.  But, as it does sometimes, change lets you know theres great stuff everywhere!  This world is awesome.   Running out of Seattle is much better then expected.  There’s a great mix of the metropolitan, and getting onto the quiet of the sound, and quiet coves, as you would know being boaters.  And it’s nice to have the boat nearby. 

With the new location I needed to find a new team.  Luckily “Shotgun” Jimmy was the man in the moment.  Jimmy and I played tennis together, and when I told him about Days Off he wanted in.  He just loves the water, boating, meeting new people, and he’s probably fixed more than he’s broken, so that’s winning.  See Facebook video of him diving in cold water to the gasket he knocked in the water.

We made new friends at the home port, and found good service companies that have done a great job for us.  Went to Poulsbo, Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge, that island out there, became the center of the party for Seafair (yea, that just happened). 15 boats where rafted up at one time.  Pic’s on Facebook.

Unfortunately we did struggle with Summer Girl cooling issue, which caused too many cancellations.  It was really frustrating, but I know it’s part of boating, and we’ll make it up to our customrers.  

However, Summer Girl is at the shop getting a new motor, so she’ll have TWO new motors next year which will set everyones mind at ease.  The port side motor was replaced in 2022 after a flapper valve failed. 

Speaking of building up team, we’ve brought onboard Ayden, who just completed his captains license.  Ayden is supper excitted to join us and is going to be great with the team.  I’ll probably make him write his own intro in a post to come. 

Besides that, the future is so bright I gotta wear shades.  Have a great winter, and don’t forget you can boat all year long (once Summer Girl is back).

Happy New Year,

Billy G.

Days Off LLC