Cruising Experience

Embark on a journey of freedom and exploration with our Cruising Experience service. Discover the beauty of the open sea while enjoying unmatched comfort and style aboard our exquisite yachts. Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, we tailor each cruising experience to exceed your expectations.


Yacht Rental Fleet

Choose from our elite Yacht Rental Fleet and experience the epitome of freedom on the water. Our meticulously maintained fleet offers a selection of yachts equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable voyage.


Learn How to Charter

For those eager to take the helm, our Learn How to Charter program provides comprehensive training and guidance. Gain the skills and confidence needed to navigate the seas independently, unlocking a world of possibilities for your yachting adventures.


Onboard Relaxation

Unwind in style with our Onboard Relaxation service. Immerse yourself in nature and tranquility as you enjoy the comfort of our well-appointed yachts, complete with amenities designed to elevate your relaxation experience.



The Pacific Northwest stands unparalleled in the world of boating. Truly, it’s a magical realm unlike any other. While the Mediterranean sparkles and the Caribbean dazzles, the PNW offers a unique blend of nature’s splendors – from majestic snow-capped peaks and secluded islands to tranquil coves and sandy shores. Add to this the thrill of whale watching, the sight of eagles gliding high, and so much more, and you’ll find a boating paradise unmatched in its beauty and serenity.



Setting sail from Seattle opens up a world of extraordinary destinations. Imagine a leisurely day trip to Bainbridge Island’s Eagle Harbor for a delightful lunch, followed by some relaxation on Blake Island. Or, perhaps, meander through the charming streets of Poulsbo. Invite all your friends for an unforgettable adventure on the water. Renting a yacht in Seattle is your ticket to these amazing experiences.

For those planning a longer getaway, spanning a few days or even a week, there’s so much beauty to soak in. Accelerate and let the stunning vistas of the Pacific Northwest guide your journey, each view more breathtaking than the last.



The San Juan Islands are just a swift voyage away with our motor yachts, offering a beauty that’s unmatched globally. This destination is an essential visit, brimming with exciting spots to enjoy. Chartering a boat to the San Juans? Absolutely brilliant.

Immerse yourself in the coastal wonders by paddle boarding along the serene shores or step onto land to indulge in resort spas and savor meals at exquisite restaurants alongside island locals. Whether it’s the vibrant atmosphere of a party cove or the tranquil charm of the San Juan and Gulf islands, the possibilities for adventure and relaxation are endless.

What People Say

“Our day onboard with Day Off was like a day in paradise. The yacht was elegant, the crew was attentive, and the entire experience was simply unforgettable. Looking forward to our next day off with them!”

John Stone

“We chose Day Off for a fun escape, and it exceeded our expectations. The yacht was pristine, the crew made us feel like royalty, and the overall ambiance was perfect. Can’t recommend Day Off enough for a day of relaxation and indulgence.”

Jonathan Downson

“The ‘Learn How to Charter’ program with Day Off was fantastic. From learning the ropes to navigating the seas, the experience was both educational and enjoyable. A day well spent!”

Jack Well