Frequently Asked Questions
What's all the difference between a Yacht, Boat, Rental and Charter?

You probably hear these words tossed around and they are somewhat synonmous.  First, a yacht is considered a boat that has a bed, kitchen, bathroom and is typically over 30 feet.  You can live on, or at least stay on a yacht for extended days.  A boat typically doesn’t have such accomodations.  A boat does float, and a yacht is a boat, but a boat is not a yacht. Make sense?

Secondly, a “charter” is a fancy way of saying rental.  A rental can have a captain.  If you choose not to have a captain then it’s called a “bareboat charter”, which is a fancy way of saing “rental”. You can do a boat rental, but we don’t have boats, we have yachts, which are boats with more stuff.  

How does yacht rental work?

It’s somewhat like renting a car.  We rent the boat to you for a day or multiple days.  But, unlike a car, it does not require a license to drive.  Therefore, we require you to have good understanding of boat systems, handling and navigation of waterways.  We will assess your skills and provide some additional training as necessary.  

Am I qualified to captain a boat?

The short answer is, yes. Anyone can be qualified to skipper a boat if one is able to handle a boat.  However, generally, you should have prior experience skippering boats of similar size and type, in similar conditions.  From your boating experience we’ll work out if you need more training or just need a check-out.  Fill in the Boater Resume, and we’ll take it from there!

What to expect:

What to expect

Once you submit a Rental Request, and Boater Resume we’ll contact you and work out some details. From there we’ll plan for a Checkout  in advance of departure.  On the day of departure we’ll be there to help push you off.  Upon return you will need to fill in the captains log, indicating an issues or incidents that may have occured.  We’ll review the boats condition and return remaining deposit. 

What’s the Checkout all about?

Checkout only needs to be done once for each yacht.  Each yacht in our fleet are different.  If it’s your fist time on the boat we go over the systems on board, do a few handling and docking maneuvers so that you feel completely comfortable and have a safe and successful voyage.  This is a great time to bring along your first mate!

Check-out should be conducted in advance of the charter date just in case there are any holes in your handling experience that require some training.  There is a charge for the Check-out process and it’s listed in the Rental Policy.  Give us a call and we can work out a plan!

What training is available?

You should have prior boating experience, and will need to understand boat systems (electrical, plumbing, mechanical), Navigation, boat handling, and docking.  After submitting your Charter Resume we can work together and identify what training may be necessary.  Training required above the typical check-out, will be charged accordingly.  Call and we can work out a plan. 

Can I go to Canada?

Unfortunately no, the insurance does not cover any incident outside of the U.S. Territory. 

How do I get started?
Fill in a Rental Request and we’ll be in touch to schedule a Checkout and formalize the rental dates.